"My purpose here is simply to encourage Catholics to reflect on the implications of the encyclical for the south west of Australia". Bishop Gerard Holohan, Pastoral Letter, 23 June 2015.

Bunbury Bishop points to Laudato Si’s local Relevance

Bishop Gerard Holohan of Bunbury, Western Australia, has invited the Catholic community to reflect on Pope Francis’ environmental encyclical Laudato Si, especially in relation to issues experienced locally in the Bunbury diocese.

Among the issues that the encyclical raises for the diocese Bishop Holohan cites “… the excessive use of fertilisers, the local impact of the Wagerup alumina refinery, the logging of old growth forests, subsidies for farmers, the need for renewable energies, the best of good farming land being subdivided for housing … issues related to personal overconsumption and waste”.

He asks: “While many in our society are ‘doing it tough’, do the wardrobes of others show perfectly good clothes not being used because they are no longer fashionable? Do our young give up perfectly good iPhones and other technologies to buy ‘the latest’? Would we not be better to forgo fashions and ‘the latest’ and give the money spent on these to Project Compassion or Caritas for the benefit of the hungry and poor?”

The Bunbury Diocesan Adult Faith Education Team will prepare discussion booklets to assist parishes in their reflection.

Read Bishop Holohan’s full Pastoral Letter here.

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