Budget Hits Vulnerable

"If the government wants us all to make a contribution, then it should be empowering those who are struggling, not punishing them". Bishop Christopher Saunders, Chair, Australian Catholic Social Justice Council, Media Statement, 2 June 2014.The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council (ACSJC) and Catholic Social Services Australia (CSSA) issued a joint statement criticizing the Australian Government’s 2014 Budget announcements. Bishop Christopher Saunders, Chair of the ACSJC said:“It actually punishes individuals and families who look to Government for financial support and drives division and alienation in our Australian community.”

Jacky Brady, speaking for CSSA noted that: “This budget presents savings to the Federal Budget that have a domino effect on the household income – from cuts to the family tax benefit thresholds, the introduction of Medicare co-payments and changes to indexation rates for some payments and allowances. Many people are already surviving with limited means and have limited flexibility to absorb additional costs so it is inevitable that low to middle income households will suffer the most.”

Read the full statement here.

How do you think this budget measures up to the responsibility of government to organize and promote the common good? How might citizens build solidarity and social inclusion in the face of such decisions?

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