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Pilgrim Prayer

We thank you God for the gifts of memory, understanding and will. May the memory of the righteous ones who have trod this path before us encourage us to act for the justice of your Reign. May the contemplation of people and places desecrated by sin bring us to understanding.… Read More »Pilgrim Prayer

Prayer for Bomb Makers

Be with us God and guide us. Enlighten our minds to understand how we each manufacture and scatter death and destruction in what we do and what we fail to do. Move the hearts of those whose hands make instruments of death, and draw them towards life affirming livelihoods. Help… Read More »Prayer for Bomb Makers

Cluster Bomb Action

Visit the Cluster Munitions Coalition website for the latest information on what your country is doing – or not doing – to stop the manufacture and use of cluster munitions.  While you are there you will discover plenty of resources for action. Find out about the Convention on Cluster Munitions… Read More »Cluster Bomb Action