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Prayer for Our Common Home

In 2020 we mark the 5th anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ on care for our common home. With many Laudato Si’ Week events cancelled due to the COVID-19 crisis, you may wish to use this presentation to pray for the grace to care for our common home. Some… Read More »Prayer for Our Common Home

pine trees at sunset

Beds are Burning

A reflection on the Australian bushfires by Dr Sandie Cornish The scale and intensity of the bushfires currently burning in Australia are ‘unprecedented anywhere in the world’ according to the Australian Academy of Science. The fire season is far from over and already estimates of up to 18 million hectares… Read More »Beds are Burning

Young people marching in the Sydney Climate Strike 20 September 2019

The Right to Climate Strike?

#ClimateStrike 20 September 2019 Some Catholic schools actively supported the 20 September 2019 school climate strike, providing the scaffolding to ensure that it would be a balanced learning experience, while others simply allowed students to be absent with parental permission. At the Sydney rally I saw many adults from Catholic… Read More »The Right to Climate Strike?