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World Environment Day – 5 June

Laudato Si' Week quote "Everything is interconnected, and this invites us to develop a spirituality of that global solidarity which flows from the mystery of the Trinity." n 240

World Environment Day has been Celebrated Since 1972

Did you know that World Environment Day has been celebrated since 1972? In that year the United Nations convened the first major international conference on environmental issues. Because the Conference was held in Stockholm, Sweden, it became known as the Stockholm Conference. Pope Paul VI was there.

Perhaps you are too young to remember 1972, or perhaps you have only become concerned about environment issues in recent years? Certainly concern about ecology has become mainstream rather than a fringe issue in the last couple of decades. Today most people consider that addressing climate change and developing a more sustainable economy are urgent issues. Indeed, today we understand that the issue is not just about protecting the environment but rather promoting integral ecology. The social, economic and environmental crises are interrelated.

Celebrating World Environment Day

So, how might we celebrate World Environment Day? Here are some ideas:
1. Take the time to re-read Pope Francis’ encyclical on care for our common home, Laudato Si’, or at least part of it.
2. Offer this prayer from Laudato Si’ by yourself, or with others.
3. Identify one more way you can shift your purchasing to more ecologically sustainable products.
4. Write to your political representatives to encourage them to address climate change and promote a sustainable economy.
5. Take care to be conscious of the beauty of the natural world as you go about your business today.
6. Affirm and encourage efforts in your household or workplace to reduce waste, to reuse and to recycle.
7. Use some of the resources that we produced for Laudato Si’ Week last year in your personal prayer and reflection this week.

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