International Women’s Day 8 March

We’ve created an event on our Facebook page to help our readers to celebrate International Women’s Day by sharing – the story of woman who inspires you – a resource for IWD – an action that you are taking for gender justice Please join in!

Valentine’s Day: Beyond Romance

What does Catholic Social Teaching Have to Do with Valentine’s Day? St Valentine’s action was not just romantic, it was about holding up love in the structures of society. Read my reflection, to find out more. 5 Actions for Social Justice to Share the Love Consider these action ideas to share the love, whether you […]

Valentine’s Day Action

How can we embed love in the structures and institutions of our societies this Valentine’s Day? Here are five small ideas. 1. Put your money where your mouth is – if you buy chocolates for someone special, choose organic and fair trade. 2. Enlarge the space of your tent – write a letter to your […]

New Year’s Resolutions for Peace

How can we accept the gift and the task of peace this year? Here are ten small actions to consider – feel free to add your own … 1. Encourage the idealism of a young person in your life. 2. Listen attentively to the concerns of a person or group with whom you disagree. 3. […]