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About Social Spirituality

Socially Engaged Spirituality Online

We live in a web of relationships – with God, with others, and with the whole of creation. Our mission is to transform these relationships, giving God’s love flesh and bones in our world here and now. Spirituality and social justice are linked. The Social Spirituality project promotes socially engaged spirituality via social media. It shares spirituality and social ethics, contemplation and action, at the service of a faith that does justice.

The Asia Pacific Context

Spirituality is not just a personal thing to so with the self and interpersonal relationships. It touches our intergroup or social relationships too. We use the expression social spirituality to draw attention to a spirituality that sustains and guides action for social transformation.

We meet God in people, places and things, and in events. Spirituality and ethics meet in our response to concrete social issues. That is why the project focuses in a special way on the unique encounter with God in the Asia Pacific context. It especially explores how Catholic Social Teaching is understood and expressed in Asia Pacific today.

Get involved

Get involved in the conversation – follow, like and share on social media and comment on the website. If you would like to contribute, please use the Contact page to submit material for publication.

Sandie Cornish

Social Spirituality

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