Season of Creation 2016

World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation In 2015 Pope Francis asked Catholics to join with the Orthodox Church to celebrate the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation. It is celebrated on 1 September. Other Christian churches have joined them in it for a number of years. The day is now an annual event in the Catholic Church. As Pope Francis explains, it is a “significant occasion for prayer, reflection, conversion and the adoption of appropriate lifestyles.” Read his message for the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation here. Now Pope Francis is asking Catholics to join in the Season of Creation 2016. A Catholic Season of Creation 2016 Pope Francis is building on the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation by inviting Catholics to join in celebrating the Season of Creation. The idea of celebrating a Season of Creation began in the Lutheran Church in Adelaide, Australia in 2000. Now it is celebrated by many different churches all over the world. The season embraces the four Sundays of September before the Feast of St Francis of Assisi – 4 October. Norman Habel explains: “The season of Creation offers an opportunity for churches to introduce new visual elements into their worship and to be ecumenical and connected with creation in a particular context.” Read more about the history of the Season of Creation here. Catholic Resources Year C The Columban Mission Institute’s Centre for Peace, Ecology and Justice provides excellent resources for the Season of Creation for Catholic congregations and schools. They include prayer, reflection and action ideas and are linked to the readings in the Catholic lectionary. Download Catholic resources for the Season of Creation 2016 here. More on Catholic Teaching Find out more about Catholic teaching on integral ecology here. Learn about Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ on the care of our common home here. Watch Pope Francis’ Video Pope Francis invites us to pray for the care of creation on 1 September and to take action during the Season of Creation. What action will you take between 1 September and 4 October?

Pope Backs #TeamRefugees at Rio

#TeamRefugees at Rio Did you know that a team composed of refugees is competing at the Rio Olympics? With no country to call home they are #TeamRefugees. Read Pope Francis’ letter of support here. Can Sport Contribute to World Peace? In August Pope Francis asks us to pray that sports may be an opportunity for friendly encounters between peoples and may contribute to peace in the world. Watch his video message:

Resources on Laudato Si

Laudato Si’ Week 2016 Check out our page for the first anniversary of the encyclical here. We offer quotes with questions for reflection and a prayer for each morning and evening of the week. Launch of Laudato Si’ Here is the overview of the encyclical given by Cardinal Peter Turkson, President of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, at the launch of the encyclical. Watch the launch here: Comment on Laudato Si’ In an early comment on the encyclical for the Daily Theology Blog, Kevin Ahern considers the text of Laudato Si’ and finds three things missing: mention of structural sin; comment on the effect of war on the environment; and a strong call to church institutions to act. In this article Follow the Footnotes, Ahern reflects on the meaning of the sources cited by Pope Francis. Catholic Social Teaching scholar Fr Bruce Duncan CSSR provides a concise reflection on some of the key concerns of the encyclical. Sandie Cornish explores the theme of integral ecology in a short reflection titled Everything is Connected for the CatholicCare Sydney staff newsletter. In a longer, more academic article in Asian Horizons she presents hermeneutical keys for Asian pastoral workers to enable them to play their part in making the encyclical known, and interpreting its implications for local faith communities. This paper is intended to better equip pastoral workers in Asia to engage more deeply with the meaning and implications of the encyclical for the thinking and action of local churches. Through such engagement, they may be able to make contextualized contributions to the ongoing development of the local and universal social teachings. Catholic Social Teaching is meant to help Catholics to engage in social and political action for the common good. Laudato Si takes a strong stand on climate change, among other issues. Australian theologian, Professor Neil Ormerod highlights Pope Francis’ position on climate change in this article for The Age and places it in dialogue with the political debate about climate change taking place in Australia. Henry Longbottom SJ examines the use of virtue ethics in Laudato Si’ in Duty Free? Virtue Ethics in Laudato Si’ for Thinking Faith. Prayer & Laudato Si’ A Prayer for Our Earth is one of two prayers offered by Pope Francis at the end of Laudato Si. This one can be shared with all those who believe in an all-powerful Creator. We offer some suggestions for using this prayer. Pope Francis has announced that from 2015 the Catholic Church will join the Orthodox Church in celebrating the World Day of Prayer for the Care of Creation on 1 September. This video has subtitles in Italian, English and Spanish. Perfect for group reflection on key messages of Laudato Si’. Quotes from Laudato Si’ Quotes from Laudato Si accompanied by reflection questions are available here. Please visit occasionally as we are gradually adding more material to encourage prayer and reflection.

Catholic Social Teaching Documents

Catholic Social Teaching is not just a collection of documents, but the social justice tradition is often communicated through Catholic Social Teaching documents from Popes, and from local Bishops. These are the major international Catholic Social Teaching documents. To find Catholic Social Teaching documents by local Bishops, use the search function, or look under the Asia Pacific Teachings category. Click here for tips on how to make sense of these documents. To find quotes from the Catholic Social Teaching documents, or commentary on them, enter the document name in search engine. List of Major International Catholic Social Teaching Documents Laudato Si’ (On the Care of Our Common Home), Francis, 2015. Introduction Full Text Resources Laudato Si’ Week 2016 Evangelii Gaudium (On the Proclamation of the Gospel in Today’s World), Francis, 2013. Introduction Full Text Resources Caritas in Veritate (Integral Human Development in Love and Truth), Benedict XVI, 2009. Introduction Full Text Resources Centesimus Annus (The One Hundredth Anniversary of Rerum Novarum), John Paul II, 1991. Introduction Full Text Sollicitudo rei Socialis (On Social Concerns), John Paul II, 1987. Introduction Full Text Laborem Exercens (On Human Labour), John Paul II, 1981. Introduction Full Text Evangelii Nuntiandi (Evangelization in the Modern World), Paul VI, 1975. Introduction Full Text Justice in the World, Synod of Bishops, 1971. Introduction Full Text Octogesima Adveniens, (A Call to Action) Paul VI,1971. Introduction Full Text Populorum Progressio, (On the Development of Peoples) Paul VI, 1967. Introduction Full Text Gaudium et Spes (Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World), Vatican II,1965. Introduction Full Text Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth), John XXIII, 1963. Introduction Full Text Mater et Magistra (Christianity and Social Progress) John XXIII, 1961. Introduction Full Text Quadragesimo Anno (After Forty Years), Pius XI,1931. Introduction Full Text Rerum Novarum (On the Condition of the Working Classes), Leo XIII, 1891. Introduction Full Text