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Integral Ecology at the Plenary Council

How would you explain, in five minutes or less, the faith foundations of our call to act to care for our common home? As one of the periti, or theological advisors, to the Fifth Plenary Council of the…

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How to Find Teachings on Issues

My students are often able to analyse particular social teaching documents, but when they are asked to offer critical reflection on a theme or issue in Catholic Social Teaching, they aren’t quit…

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Advent wreath week four - three purple candles and rose coloured candle are lit.
Advent Week Four – Instruments of God’s Love

In Advent week four we light the third of the purple candles in the advent wreath. It represents love. Love is, actually, all around us. It is not always as obvious as a romantic comedy. It is rarely …

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Advent wreath week 3 joy
Advent Week 3 The Joy of the Gospel

Listen to the Podcast The third week of Advent begins with Gaudate Sunday. The theme is joy and so we light the rose-colored candle. The birth of the Christ child is joyful news. In the Gospel of Luke…

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Advent week two - wreath with two purple candles lit. hope and peace
Advent Week 2 – Praying for Peace

Listen to the Podcast Read the Text In the second week of Advent we light the second purple candle of the Advent wreath and we pray for peace. Our world, our communities and our families long for peac…

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Photo of Advent wreath with first candle lit. The first purple candle symbolises hope.
Advent Week 1 – A Call to Hope

Advent is the time when we wait in joyful hope for the Christ child to be born. It is not just a time of waiting about for something to happen – it is meant to be a time of preparation. Yet I don’t th…

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