Social Spirituality & Catholic Social Teaching

Introduction to Fratelli Tutti – On Fraternity and Social Friendship
Introduction to Fratelli Tutti – On Fraternity and Social Friendship

Pope Francis’ new social encyclical Fratelli Tutti, promotes a vision of social friendship grounded in the unity of the entire human family: all peopl…

Join the Revolution of Tenderness
Join the Revolution of Tenderness

The Revolution of Tenderness is the podcast of the Office for Social Justice of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference. In its first episode Dr Sa…

How to Find Teachings on Issues
How to Find Teachings on Issues

My students are often able to analyse particular social teaching documents, but when they are asked to offer critical reflection on a theme or issue i…

Prayer for Our Common Home
Prayer for Our Common Home

In 2020 we mark the 5th anniversary of Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’ on care for our common home. With many Laudato Si’ Week events cancelled d…

Beds are Burning
Beds are Burning

A reflection on the Australian bushfires by Dr Sandie Cornish The scale and intensity of the bushfires currently burning in Australia are ‘unprec…

The Right to Climate Strike?
The Right to Climate Strike?

#ClimateStrike 20 September 2019 Some Catholic schools actively supported the 20 September 2019 school climate strike, providing the scaffolding to…

Explore the Spirituality of Catholic Social Teaching

The spirituality of Catholic Social Teaching reminds us that we meet God in the people, places, things, and events of this world. That is why spirituality is not just an individual or personal thing.  Our spirituality touches relationships between groups in society and guides our response to social and ecological issues.  This website focuses especially on the understanding and expression of Catholic Social Teaching in Asia Pacific today.

Themes & Issues

An Option for the Poor

A preferential love for the poor and marginalised guides Catholic thinking and action for social justice. Learn more …

Migrants & Refugees

Catholic teaching defends the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other people on the move. Learn more about migration or refugees and asylum seekers.

Social Sin & Structures of Sin

Find out what Catholic Social Teaching means by social sin and structures of sin – and how they are related to personal and communal responsibility for injustice. Learn more …

The Rights of Indigenous Peoples

The rights of Indigenous peoples are human rights. Learn more …

Integral Ecology

Ecology goes beyond care for the natural environment. It embraces the vast network of relationships between all that is. Learn more …

Civil Society & the State

Political authority exists to serve people and communities by organising and promoting the common good. Learn more …

The tradition is always developing, responding to the issues of our times – there is always more to know! Learn more here.

Asia Pacific Catholic Social Teaching

Did you know that local Bishops teach about social and ecological issues too? Find out what the Asia Pacific Bishops are saying here!


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