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Pray with Pope Francis that those who are weighed down, especially the poor, refugees and marginalized, might find welcome and support in our communities. This is Pope Francis's prayer intention for February.

This website was made on the land of the Guringai people of the Eora nation. We acknowledge them as the traditional owners and custodians of these lands and waters and pay our respect to their elders, past and present.

Catholic Social Teaching

What is Catholic Social Teaching?

Learn about this rich tradition of thought and action for social justice. We offer a simple overview and suggest five ways to get to know the tradition better.

Key Principles

Find out about the most important principles of Catholic Social Teaching. We introduce Catholic thinking about the dignity of the human person, the common good, subsidiarity and solidarity.

Sources of Catholic Social Teaching

Explore the sources that inform and guide the development of Catholic Social Teaching. Scripture, tradition, reason and experience all play a part.

Major Documents

Find out about the most important international teaching documents. We provide a list of all the social encyclicals of the modern period with brief introductions and links to the full text. We also offer reflections and resources.

Tips for Reading the Documents

How do you go about making sense of these documents with Latin names? We offer a handy list of dos and don'ts to help you find your way.

Asia Pacific Teachings

Local Bishops and Bishops Conferences share in the responsibility to teach about social justice too. We provide links to teachings from around the Asia Pacific region.

Themes & Issues

An Option for the Poor

Find out more about how a preferential love for the poor and marginalised guides Catholic thinking and action for social justice.

Migrants & Refugees

Catholic teaching defending the dignity and rights of migrants, refugees, asylum seekers and other people on the move.

Social Sin & Structures of Sin

Find out what Catholic Social Teaching means by social sin and structures of sin - and how they are related to personal and communal responsibility for injustice.

Indigenous Peoples

The rights of Indigenous peoples are human rights. Learn about Catholic Social Teaching on the rights of indigenous peoples.

Integral Ecology

Ecology goes beyond care for the natural environment. It embraces the vast network of relationships between all that is.

Civil Society & the State

Political authority exists to serve people and communities by organizing and promoting the common good.

Latest News

World Day of Peace 2017: A Call for Active Nonviolence

A War Fought Piecemeal Pope Francis says that we are engaged in “a horrifying world war fought piecemeal”. More violence cannot fix it, but will only cause further suffering, and even the physical and spiritual death of many people. The answer, Francis says in his Message for the 50th World Day of Peace, lies...

Advent Week Four – Instruments of God’s Love

In the fourth week of Advent we light the third of the purple candles in the advent wreath. It represents love. Love is, actually, all around us. It is not always as obvious as a romantic comedy. It is rarely as sentimental as a Christmas movie. Love can be demanding, and frightening and exhausting...

End Nuclear Power say Japanese Bishops

Call for International Solidarity The Catholic Bishops Conference of Japan is calling for an end to the use of nuclear power. We, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Japan, appeal to all people who share our common home called Earth that we join hands, rise together and act in solidarity to end nuclear power generation....

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About Us

Socially engaged
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The Social Spirituality project promotes socially engaged spirituality via social media. It shares spirituality and social ethics, contemplation and action, at the service of a faith that does justice.


Spirituality is not just a personal thing. It touches our intergroup or social relationships too. We use the expression social spirituality to draw attention to a spirituality that sustains and guides action for social transformation.


We meet God in people, places and things, and in events. Spirituality and ethics meet in our response to concrete social issues. That is why the project focuses in a special way on the unique encounter with God in the Asia Pacific context. It especially explores how Catholic Social Teaching is understood and expressed in Asia Pacific today.

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World Day of Peace Message 2017: A Call for Active Nonviolence