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  1. Agreed - Aug 08, 2014 Reply

    Until the Roman Catholic Church starts to insist on keeping young men and women alive and not going along with politicians sending them to war there will be no understanding on issues such as euthanasia and abortion.
    The old are of no use to the politicians because they are too old to fight and the unborn are an obstacle to sending the young to be disposed of.
    The Catholic Church voice has been silent in many coutries because of alliances and priviliges that are received by that organisation even though Popes have spoken out against particular conflicts. This has been particularly so in Western countries.
    It is doubtful that the statement from the Bishops of Japan will get even a mention in the USA, UK or Australia (The Coalition of the Willing) just to mention a few.
    Apart from your post it will be interesting to see if there is any statement from the Australian Catholic Bishops or even a comment in any of the Australian Catholic papers.

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