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by Sandie Cornish

Body Image at Easter

"Vanity, idealized body images, and excessive competitiveness can lead people to manipulate their bodies in ways that do not respect the human body's health, integrity, dignity and intrinsic value."  Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines, Easter Pastoral Instruction, 2014.Easter is a good time to consider how we think about our bodies. Do I treat my body simply as a vehicle for my mind, or my soul? Am I at war with my body, trying to recreate it in another form, rather than accepting myself as God created me? What might it mean to believe that our bodies have dignity and intrinsic value, rather than merely instrumental value? What light does the resurrection throw on all this for me?

by Sandie Cornish

The Two Standards at Manly Beach?

painting of St IgnatiusJust before 3 pm there were lights and sirens and a cavalcade speeding through the streets. Thousands of people had gathered at Manly Beach to see the Duke and Duchesse of Cambridge – and a few Christians were trying to make their way to Good Friday liturgies.

While we commemorated the crucifixion, helicopters and sirens continued around us. Numbers were well down, but perhaps those who lived further than walking distance from the church simply decided to drive in a less congested direction to commemorate Good Friday in peace elsewhere? Nonetheless, it put me in mind of St Ignatius of Loyola’s Mediation on the Two Standards. Continue Reading →

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